Section 28 architect Baroness Knight acquires antiques shop from gay couple in Brighton

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Update: Since publication, a petition has been started to boycott Baroness Knight’s shop.
Baroness Knight, who helped institute Section 28 during Margaret Thatcher’s premiership, has announced that she is to retire from public life in Britain. The peer will exchange the House of Lords for the House of Queens, an antique shop in Brighton which she has acquired from a gay couple with her pension.

Baroness Knight of Collingtree told the Daily Telegraph: “Having served in Parliament for 48 years, I feel that enough is enough. As I pointed out last year during the debates over same-sex marriage, homosexual men should be dealing in antiques, not getting married.

“In Brighton, a city that I love, many of the antique shops are run by very nice, but until now unmarried homosexuals. However, thanks to the decidedly anti-Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron, these homosexuals can now marry, meaning that some of them will I am sure have children and just will not have enough time to dedicate to the antiques industry.”

The Conservative peer added: “I am proud to have introduced Section 28 into this country, which banned the promotion of homosexuality to children by local authorities. I am proud to have fought, allbeit unsuccessfully, to ban homosexuals from marrying. I am also proud to have now saved the House of Queens from wrack and ruin after being abandoned by my former friends who are now in a same-sex marriage.”

During a House of Lords debate, Baroness Knight said: “A far higher authority than even anyone here has already decided that people are not equal. Some are stronger, cleverer, lazier, plainer, better looking, than others. Some people can see. Others are blind.

“If anyone brings a bill to this house to change that, I’ll be the first in the lobby to vote for it. No bill can change that.

“This bill ignores a fact well understood for centuries. Marriage is not just about love. Of course homosexuals are delightful people, very artistic, and they are very loving people too. No one doubts that for one single moment, but marriage is not about just love. It is about a man and a woman, themselves created to produce children, producing children.

“A man can no more bear a child, than a woman can produce sperm, and no law on earth can change that. This is not a homophobic view. It may be sad, it may be unequal, but it’s true.”