UK: Gloucester man ‘boasted’ after attempted rape of gay woman, court hears

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A man accused of attempted rape of a gay woman ‘boasted’ after the alleged attack took place, jurors in Gloucester have been told.

According to the Gloucester Citizen, the 63-year-old alleged victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told the court the alleged attack by married father Ronald Paton left her “feeling dirty”.

Paton denies attempted rape and sexual assault.

The victim told the court that Paton, 60, invited her over to his home on June 30, 2012, before trying to rape her, dislocating her hip in the assault.

She said: “In the middle of the evening he beckoned me to sit with him, but I tried to laugh it off saying ‘you know I’m gay, nothing like that will ever be on the cards with me’.

“He jumped on me and pushed me back and I was aware he was biting my breast. It happened so quickly, I was initially quite shocked, but I tried to push him away.

“When I was saying ‘go away’, ‘stop’, it seemed to make him more determined and angry.”

Prosecutor Kerry Barker said: “She managed to leave and go home. She broke down and told her son what had happened and she begged him not to tell anyone.

“She felt totally humiliated as you can imagine. She told the authorities six weeks later.”

The court heard that victim had tried to get help several times, but a call to a rape crisis line went unanswered, no female doctors were available to see her the next day, and the Gloucestershire Rape Crisis Centre later cancelled her appointment.

She finally managed to report the incident after contacting the county’s sexual assault referral centre.

The trial continues.