Glasgow woman pleads guilty after gay club assault

Glasgow Police

A Glasgow woman has pleaded guilty after assaulting a woman in a gay club and directing homophobic verbal abuse at a police officer.

Amy Montgomery, 28, appeared in Glasgow Sheriff Court on Monday (30 October) over an incident that occurred at gay club AXM Glasgow in February 2022.

The mum-of-three pled guilty to assaulting club patron Aimee Henderson and to hurling homophobic abuse at police who later arrived on the scene.

Glasgow Police
A woman has pled guilty to assaulting patrons at a Glasgow gay club. (Getty Images)

Henderson had been trying to intervene after Montgomery clawed a chunk of her friend Kirstin Breslin’s hair, Glasgow Live reports.

When Henderson stepped in, she was pounced on by Montgomery and fell to the ground, after which, Montgomery allegedly kicked her in the head, rendering her unconscious.

When police officials arrived to the scene and restrained Montgomery, she reportedly spat at them and called one of the officers a”p**fy b******.”

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Glasgow Sheriff Court heard that friends Henderson and Breslin had been moving from one end of the LGBTQ+-friendly club to another when, according to prosecutor Jessica McGowan: “Montgomery lunged towards Miss Breslin and seized her by the hair. She then pulled her to the ground.”

It was noted that the assault had left lasting damage on Breslin, who is now having difficulty regrowing her hair.

McGowan continued: “As Montgomery was being pulled off Miss Henderson, she kicked her to the head while she was lying on the ground. As a result, Miss Henderson lost consciousness for 60 seconds.”

Henderson also suffered an injury to her bottom lip, McGowan stated.

Montgomery then directed abusive language at Henderson, who also suffered an injury to her bottom lip, calling her a “f*****g p***k” and “f*****g a******”.

When police arrived to the scene, the court heard that Montgomery spat at PC Gordon Stormont’s face and made the homophobic comment before she was finally restrained by four officers.

Defence attorney James Arrol told the court that Montgomery, a single parent, “realises this is a serious matter.”

He went on to explain that the incident occurred on “the first evening that she had out following the birth of one of her children.”

Montgomery’s sentencing has been deferred until December pending background reports.

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