Exclusive: Firefox feedback page flooded with death threats and homophobic abuse after CEO row

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Mozilla’s feedback website has been flooded with death threats and homophobic abuse, following the resignation of its CEO over his anti-gay marriage stance.

Exclusive: Firefox feedback page flooded with death threats and homophobic abuse after CEO row

Brendan Eich resigned as CEO on Thursday, following outrage after it emerged he had donated $1000 (£600) to help pass California’s ‘Proposition 8′ gay marriage ban in 2008

Following his resignation, feedback site Firefox Input has been the subject of a torrent of homophobic abuse, with 59,749 negative comments left in three days.

Some of the ‘feedback’ left on the website includes:

“God hates fags, you sick, twisted freaks. Maybe you should all pour gasoline on yourselves and light a match.”

“What sadistic, freedom crushing asshats you are. What hypocrites. The gay gestapo…how does that moniker suit you? It is accurate, rest assured. Again, you suck.”

“My computer won’t function on a Gay Liberal Web site. Sorry I had to remove you from my computer!”

“You made your CEO take a hike, so I’m takin’ a hike too. Take you belief & stick it up your ass, right next to the fag’s cock.”

“drop dead nazi fags”

“Just un-intalled mozilla from 4 computers. FU assholes. Can’t stand you gay pricks.”

“If you think the citizens of this country are going to keep putting up with a bunch of fags pushing us around, you are a fool”

“the fags need to get back in the closet and you need to join them you hypocrites i have uninstalled all instances of firefox on my machines and encouraged all my friends to do the same tell the homos i will say and do as i please as is my god given right”

The.feedback is coming in at over ten times the rate of a normal period last month.

At 86% negative, the proportion of negative feedback is just a few percentage points higher than recorded for Firefox usually on the site.

Earlier this week, the National Organisation for Marriage urged conservative Christian to boycott the company over ‘intolerance’ shown to the CEO.