UKIP Chairman defends ‘abnormal gays are ramming it down my throat’ candidate

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A UKIP chairman has defended a prospective councillor who describes anal sex as “sodomy”, and now says he is against “aggressive homosexuals” who pretend they are “normal”.

Douglas Denny, 66, who plans to stand for UKIP in Portsmouth City Council’s elections next month, has written to local UKIP Chairman Stuart Potter.

The chairman says he’s backing Mr Denny, claiming his comments have been manipulated by the media.

Mr Potter told “I am writing to you to correct the matter of Douglas Denny who has been wrongly accused of being a homophobe which he is certainly not.

“The media have as usual only taken a few choice sentences from different articals/hacked forum conversations to give the impression that Douglas Denny is a homophobe.”

In January 2013, it was revealed Mr Denny had said gay sex was “disgusting” on a private members’ forum on the UKIP website.

In a discussion about sodomy Mr Denny wrote the following comments on the UKIP forum: “Personally I find the concept of anal intercourse disgusting; and like it or not homosexual men are implicity considered of engaging in sodomy (i.e. anal intercourse)  whether they actually do it or not…….”

Earlier this week, Mr Denny told Portsmouth’s The News he considered gay people to be “abnormal” because they were a minority of the population.

He said: “I wish that they wouldn’t try to keep ramming it down my throat that they are normal in their sexual practices.”

Mr Denny added: “I believe homosexuals have a perfect right to live their lives and wander around like everyone else and do not deserve any discrimination because of their sexuality.”

Dismissing accusations of homophobia, Mr Denny wrote in his letter to Mr Potter: “As I told you by telephone, my wife and I were invited to the Civil Partnership reception at the house of a senior Tory in this area (who must remain namelsss) and attended by Andrew Tyrie MP for Chichester too.

“I do not discriminate against homosexuals in any malicious way whatever.  I never have and never will as that is not my mind-set about homosexuals at all.

“I do have personal opinions however, regarding anal sex (sodomy) – opinons which I do not think unreasonable. I also have opinions about and deprecate some particularly vociferous and aggressive homosexuals trying to promote their sexual preferences to the rest of heterosexual society as ‘normal’ when by any ordinary use of the word ‘normal’ – their sexual predelictions are – when considered in the context of the rest of society as a whole – to be abnormal. I also do not like their proslytising their demands in a shrill manner on the rest of society who don’t care what their demands are and who want to just get on with their lives.

“This is no more or less what was said in the UKIP forum posting by me.”

Mr Denny claimed he had been the victim of a smear campaign. He said: “There was a UKIP forum late 2012 or early 2013 with a discussion which was about the semantics of the use of the word ‘sodomite’.

“That forum posting of mine was hacked / stolen by use of a screenshot, had two sentences taken out of context, and published on another website (now I find is unobtainable) by some malicious person – probably by [retracted], which is a strong possibility as he has admitted he is a mole acting against UKIP’s interests in the past, and freely admitted so.”

He added: “I believe it is all part of the Sunday Mirror’s and/or Tories dirty tricks campaign against UKIP. they see me as a soft target.  They are nevertheless promulgating lies and libel in traducing me.”