Tea Party activist: ‘Gay supremacy is becoming worse than white supremacy’

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A Tea Party activist has claimed that ‘gay supremacy’ is ‘more evil’ than white supremacy ever was.

Mary Baker, Tea Party activist and leader of Conservative Moms for America, made the comments in a blog for Tea Party Nation.

According to Right Wing Watch, she wrote: “Gay Supremacy is becoming a monster that carries greater evils than white supremacy ever did.

“White Supremacy was focused on how a group of people felt about another group of people.

“They created various barriers for those they hated and their views about their superiority to others provided the frame work for the citizens of this nation to search their hearts and understand that God has created every person in His image.

“However Gay Supremacy’s hate reaches much farther than a specific group of people.

“Their (sic) is no common ground that can be reached. Their (sic) is no searching of the heart or consideration of God’s principles.

“Their hate is generated only by self centeredness and hate for anyone who disagrees with them.

“Any person who disagrees with their evil beliefs will be viciously attacked and destroyed.

“I could disagree with the beliefs of white supremacist and still hold to Biblical views about life, marriage and sexuality.”