South East England MEP candidate: Daniel Radcliffe and the Pope bullied Mozilla CEO into quitting

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

An MEP candidate standing for the South East of England has claimed that Daniel Radcliffe and a “queer mafia” including the Pope were responsible for “victimising” former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich into stepping down.

Julia Gasper, formerly a UKIP chair and failed Oxford city council candidate, is now standing with the English Democrats.

As well as calling for Grindr to be banned, Dr Gasper also weighed in on a debate surrounding short-lived Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, who resigned last month after it was revealed that he donated money towards anti-gay marriage efforts in the US state of California.

Among “all those Responsible for the Shameful Injustice” to Eich, she accuses Barack Obama, the EU, the UN, the BBC, the Guardian, the Huffington Post, the Daily Mail, Amnesty International, David Cameron, Nick Clegg, the Labour Party, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, Bishop of Buckingham Alan Wilson, Pope Francis, all European and American universities,

Dr Gasper claims Eich “was victimized by a queer mafia that takes a vindictive pleasure in bullying and abusing people.”

She also said that the “homo-fascist busybodies pried into his past”, leading to his resignation.
Dr Gasper’s Facebook page supporting her campaign currently has 165 likes.

Dr Gasper previously wrote that gay people needed to stop “complaining about persecution” and start expressing “gratitude” to straight people, on whom they are reliant to be born.

She also said that PinkNews readers should be sectioned under the Mental Health Act, and used the UKIP forum to brand the gay rights movement a “lunatics charter”.

She claimed gays account for 3% of the population (she now claims 1.5%) and half of child abuse, and last year failed in her second bid to win public office.

At the end of last year, she wrote a paper questioning whether gay people sent to death camps during the Holocaust were only sent there because they were also Jewish.

The English Democrats campaign for Britain to leave the EU and for an English parliament to be established.