US: Toyota advert breaks new ground with same-sex couple

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A Toyota ad campaign in California featuring a same-sex couple has been praised for its inclusive nature.

It shows a woman informing her spouse about the new car she has purchased, with it unveiled at the end that the spouse is a woman.

The San Francisco (SF) Gate reported that Brad Barnett, a manager for Toyota had consulted two same-sex couples he knew before running the ad. Both were impressed with it.

Mr Barnett said the plan to use a same-sex couple in one of their ad campaigns was pitched a few months ago.

“We believe whether you are a same-sex couple, married from here, from there, all those people buy cars and want to be treated with respect. And we want them to know there is a safe place they can come in and do business.” said Mr Barnett.

David Pippenger, who was involved in creating the ad, believes this is the first of its kind.

“As far I know, and I specialize in automotive advertising, no one has ever seen a local advertisement that has a same-sex couple in it,” he told The SFGate.

LGBT activist Cleve Jones says that ad is just the beginning of a shift in public attitudes.

“As somebody who has been doing this work for many decades, I think it is just astonishing.

“Not just the political change, but I am continually startled at how the hearts and minds of the American people have come around to a more compassionate and thoughtful view of this issue.”

The video can be seen below.