Arkansas Governor candidate: Politicians should be able to override courts’ rulings on same-sex marriage

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A candidate hoping to become the Republican nominee for Arkansas Governor has said the state Legislature should have the power to override state courts’ rulings on issues like same-sex marriage.

Judge Chris Piazza struck down the state’s constitutional same-sex marriage ban last Friday, and on Saturday a lesbian couple became the first to marry, when Pulaski County decided to begin marrying couples.

The state’s Supreme Court had on Wednesday halted marriages again when it highlighted a secondary ban, but on Thursday Piazza struck that down too, allowing marriages to resume.

The court has now suspended his ruling, meaning the ban will be put back in place and marriages stopped until the conclusion of the appeals process.

Curtis Coleman on Monday said he hoped to push for a constitutional amendment which would allow the state Legislature with a 75% “supermajority” to overturn any state court decision.

He seeks the GOP nomination in tomorrow’s primary.