Trans former UKIP MEP concedes defeat in European elections

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A transgender former UKIP MEP has conceded that she will not be re-elected after setting up her own party.

Nikki Sinclaire came out publicly as transgender in the Sun on Sunday last year, which also ran extracts of her new autobiography.

Yesterday she admitted defeat, ahead of the full results being announced. She quit UKIP in 2010, a year after being first elected, and set up the ‘We Demand a Referendum’ party in 2012.

Sinclaire previously aim at UKIP leader Nigel Farage as a “bully” and “manipulator”, who, through angry outbursts tried to push her out of the party because he disagrees with “alternative lifestyles”.

She previously told The Sun, however: “I was accepted as a lesbian in UKIP. By contrast, some of the worst homophobia I’ve seen in politics has come from the Liberal Democrats.”

The Times also reported that Ms Sinclaire also accused Mr Farage of being a “mysoginist” with a “bad temper”, who would bang his fists on the table and scream at her in front of other colleagues.

She said: “He has a Stalinist approach ….. He’s purged the party of all talent ….. he’s threatened by intelligent people.”

Sinclaire successfully sued UKIP on allegations of sexual discrimination in December 2010.

She said she was the first “sex change Parliamentarian”, last year, and her departure from the European Parliament could mean there are no openly trans MEPs.

UKIP made massive gains in the elections,