Brianna Ghey’s father demands apology from Rishi Sunak for trans jibe in front of late teen’s mother

Brianna Ghey’s father has demanded that Rishi Sunak apologise following a jibe he made about trans women during Prime Minister’s Questions while the late teen’s mother was in the chamber. 

The PM cruelly joked in the House of Commons that the Labour leader had changed his position on “defining a woman”, accusing him of “breaking every single promise he was elected on.”

Peter Spooner, the father of Ghey — who was brutally murdered last year — said he was “disgusted” with Sunak’s jibe in the House of Commons. 

He said to Sky News: “As the Prime Minister for our country to come out with degrading comments like he did, regardless of them being in relation to discussions in Parliament, they are absolutely dehumanising.

“Identities of people should not be used in that manner, and I personally feel shocked by his comments and feel he should apologise for his remarks.”

Sunak said of Starmer on 7 February: “I think I have counted almost 30 in the last year. Pensions, planning, peerages, public sector pay, tuition fees, childcare, second referendums, defining a woman, although in fairness that was only 99 per cent of a u-turn.”

After standing to respond, a stoney-faced Starmer replied: “Of all the weeks to say that, when Brianna’s mother is in this chamber. Shame.”

He added: “Parading as a man of integrity when he’s got absolutely no responsibility.”

Sunak, who was previously heard mocking trans women in leaked footage shared with PinkNews last year, did not apologise for the remark after he was asked to in the Commons. 

His spokesperson has denied that the comment was transphobic, noting that it was “legitimate for the leader of the party to point out U-turns,” the outlet reported.

A Labour spokesperson said at the time: “We don’t think the country wants or deserves a prime minister that is happy to use minorities as a punchbag.

“His comments were deeply offensive to trans people. He should reflect on his comments and apologise.”

Last Friday (2 February), Brianna’s two teenage killers were named as the pair were sentenced for murdering the trans schoolgirl in February 2023. She was stabbed 28 times.

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