US: American Family Association president admits he’s an ‘old-school prude’

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The president of the American Family Association has described himself as an “old-school prude”.

Tim Wildmon, president of the anti-gay group, made the comments in a newsletter in which he attacked Michael Sam for kissing his boyfriend on TV.

Sam, who made history last month as the first ever openly gay football player to be drafted to the NFL, shared a kiss with his boyfriend on ESPN.

Wildmon wrote: “Sam and his boyfriend, Vito Cammisano, decided to go ‘in your face’, both to themselves (literally) and to those watching the draft on television including millions of young boys no doubt.

“After first kissing without debris, Sam then decided to put some cake in his mouth and go back after Vito for some more affection.

“It was gross. But then I’m an old-school prude who doesn’t believe men should be having sex with other men, so that is the reaction you would expect from people like me.

“I believe that kind of behaviour is immoral, unhealthy and unnatural. If people want to live this lifestyle, that is their choice, but this idea of forcing people who disagree with it to applaud or else be shouted down, fined by the government or lose your job has gotten way out of hand.

“Straight America is scared to death of offending or potentially offending gay, lesbian and transgender people and their powerful movement. It’s really embarrassing to watch.

“They say ‘Jump!’ and most Americans say, “How high?” Sometimes they just say, ‘Ju…’ and the straight people start doing jumping jacks as fast as they can to show the world they are not homophobic, which is the unforgivable sin in today’s society.”

Last month, the AFA claimed it ‘wasn’t safe’ for Christians to work as broadcasters, counsellors, photographers, bakers, florists, teachers, or innkeepers.

It also condemned the dedication of a stamp to gay rights hero Harvey Milk, describing him as a “known sexual predator”.