Video: Terrible Fox News report from Pride parade strangely similar to parody

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Fox News sent a journalist to ask redundant questions at San Francisco Pride last week.

The O’Reilly Factor sent reporter Jesse Waters to ‘investigate’ the event by questioning participants, in a clip that is strangely similar to a parody from skit show The Revolution Will be Televised.

Approaching two drag queens, Waters asked: “Are you guys sure you don’t like girls?”, before later adding “Do you guys work out?”

Approaching a man in a yellow outfit, he asks: “Do you still need these parades, even though you can get married in California? Are you out of the closet?”

Other gems included: “Does it make you a bigot if you believe in traditional marriage?”,  “Can I have a straight pride parade if I wanted to?!, and “Isn’t a gay pride parade shoving something down other people’s throat?”

Talking to gay E.T host Ross Matthews, he claims: “I’m taking a big risk here, just talking to you though.”

Following the report, the journalist assures Bill O’Reilly that everyone was nice and “no-one assaulted me”.

Watch the nearly-identical parody below: