John Barrowman: People who criticised me for Commonwealth gay kiss are ‘bitter and nasty’

John Barrowman has responded to criticism of his Commonwealth Games opening ceremony gay kiss, to say those who reacted negatively are “bitter” and “nasty.”

The opening ceremony of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games this evening featured a kiss between actor John Barrowman and a male dancer, in celebration of equality in Scotland.

Since it took place, some have reacted negatively. After retweeting some of the negative tweets about the kiss, Barrowman responded from his official account to say: “I am retweeting the negative because I want you all to see how bitter and nasty and negative some people are. I am so happy right now.”

He signed off the email “Jb”, to signify that it was written by Barrowman himself.

Fashion columnist Tessa Hartmann has attacked John Barrowman for a kissing a man during the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony, branding it “inappropriate for children”.

Many, including a Ugandan coach, have commended Barrowman for the statement.

The Commonwealth Games has been subject to controversy already as human rights campaigners have called on Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond to speak out against countries with anti-gay laws.

Homosexuality is currently punishable with prison sentences in 42 out of 54 Commonwealth nations.

Same-sex marriage came one step closer to becoming a reality in Scotland as its bill to legalise it received Royal Assent in March.

Marriages between gay and lesbian couples are expected to begin in Scotland in 2015.