Radio host: Smithsonian is ‘museum of unnatural history’ for displaying Will & Grace props

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A radio host has claimed that the Smithsonian has become a museum of “unnatural history” for stocking props from Will & Grace.

The famous museum, based in Washington DC, announced a new collection last month to mark the history of LGBT people, which will include props from the gay sitcom.

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council made the claim in a radio bulletin.

He said: “Is it the Museum of Natural History or Unnatural History?

“You can’t blame people for asking after the Smithsonian’s decision to add a special exhibit on the LGBT movement.

“The collection highlights everything from ‘Will & Grace’ show props to a transgender pride flag.

“Sports, politics, and cultural memorabilia are all part of the propaganda, which – like most Smithsonian projects – is funded by taxpayer dollars.

“This is just another platform for the Left to rewrite history and ignore the destructive side effects of homosexuality.

“Students are already bombarded with the LGBT agenda, do they really need to walk past exhibits treating its extremists as heroes? The Smithsonian may know art, but it should stop trying to frame the culture debate.”

Other items in the collection include the passports of the first openly gay US ambassador David Huebner and his husband, photographs documenting the gay rights LGBT from Patsy Lynch and Silvia Ros, and materials from a gay community centre.

It will also hold a tennis racket belonging to transgender player Renee Richards.

Listen to the clip via Right Wing Watch below: