TOWIE star: I always knew Charlie King was gay

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The Only Way is Essex star Bobby Cole Norris has claimed he “always knew” that castmate Charlie King was gay.

Former TOWIE star King, who is rumoured to be making a comeback on the show, came out as gay on This Morning earlier this week.

He said: “Our stories will help people, there is a way out. You are not alone. I want to be a positive person, telling people ‘you can do this’.

“I had a girlfriend, she was the first person I spoke to and told. It was a proper relationship but I was very aware when I was seeing her thing weren’t quite right. If something doesn’t click, it doesn’t click.”

Speaking to the Mirror, Bobby Cole said: “Most men know the offside rule – I’ve got a good gaydar.

“I can spot a gay man in a dark room. Charlie just didn’t come out at the time.”

“I’ve always known. I’ve known probably before he’s known. Before he’s taken the time to realise what he is. I’ve obviously known as long as I’ve known him – I’ve known him for about three years now.

“Firstly in this day and age, it makes me very sad that people even have to come out. It would be a much nicer society if it wasn’t even necessary.

“People don’t have to declare that they’re straight. I just find it sad, that a gay man has to go on TV to come out.”

King’s agent Natalie Woods told PinkNews previosuly: “Charlie is feeling relieved today like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders he’s ready to be out and proud and at 29 and wants to start a fresh life as a gay man.

“He hopes today’s interview on This Morning helps other people who are scared of talking about their sexuality.

“He wants to move on now and has thrown himself into the world of TV recently doing lots of presenting and he finally feels he can be himself.”