Gay triplet TikTok star opens up about the moment he knew that he was different from his brothers

Nick Sturniolo – best-known as one of TikTok’s Sturniolo Triplets – has spoken about the exact moment he realised he was gay.

The Sturniolo Triplets, who have 6.5 million subscribers on YouTube (not to mention their other channels), are rarely seen without one another, and have generated a devoted fan base for their particular brand of chaos.

While Nick has previously spoken about coming out as gay, , the internet star has now talked about when he himself realised that he wasn’t exactly the same as his near-identical brothers.

Nick Sturniolo is the only out gay Sturniolo triplet

Appearing solo on the Zach Sang Show, without brothers Christopher and Matthew, Nick revealed that he didn’t know he was gay until he figured out that a crush that he had on a girl at the age of 14 was a piece of misdirection.

“The realisation was that I thought I liked this girl, but I liked her boyfriend,” the TikTok star said with a laugh. “That was when it set in for me.”

Now 20, Nick went on to say that his coming out had an extra layer to it because of how close he is to his Chris and Matthew.

“I don’t know how my brain tricked me into thinking it was her [I had a crush on], but I think being a triplet is like… people constantly saying: ‘You guys are the exact same person’. And when I was the only one with gay intrusive thoughts, it was like super out of left field.”

“No one steered me away from being authentically myself,” he added. “I just thought I had to replicate what Matt and Chris were doing.”

Nick emphasised that coming to terms with his sexuality was the first experience he can remember going through entirely by himself, rather than as one part of the triplets.

“A defining moment in me figuring out a lot about myself was when me, Matt and Chris were together, and we were like nine. And I said: ‘That’s gay’, or something about gay people, negatively.

“One of the moms who was on the trip heard me… and she has gay kids of her own. She told my mom, and said: ‘Me and you should talk to your boys about why that’s wrong’.

“She doesn’t know the impact that it had on my thought process,” Nick admitted.

How did Nick Sturniolo come out?

Nick explained his coming out story in a YouTube video posted in 2021.

The triplets told the story while speaking to camera in classic Sturniolo fashion. While arguing about a girl, Matt told Nick: “If you like her so much, why don’t you date her?”

Chris took up the story, saying: “Nick went on a rampage… and said: ‘I wouldn’t want you guys to think of me different if I was a gay kid at our school. Because I am’. Mic drop.”

In classic brotherly fashion, Chris added: “I don’t even know why I was shocked because I’ve known Nick was gay [ever] since I knew what gay was.”

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