Drag artist: Psychic Sally Morgan’s husband isn’t homophobic, he once offered to come to Pride

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A drag performer has leapt to the defence of psychic Sally Morgan, after a clip emerged of her husband shouting homophobic slurs at a man for handing out skeptical leaflets at her show.

Ms Morgan is one of the UK’s best known psychics, and has had TV shows on ITV and Sky, in addition to her theatre tours.


Mark Tilbrook released a clip this week in which he is approached by John Morgan – Sally’s husband and tour manager – for distributing leaflets which allegedly debunk part of her performance.

In the clip, Mr Morgan warns: “One day you’re going to be lifted, and you’ll disappear somewhere. You’re a poof as well, we know all about your life.”

Another member of the psychic’s staff approaches Mr Tilbrook, and the pair say: “You know, you look pale. Are you on drugs or has someone shagged you too much? One of your boyfriends been up your arse?

“You are a fairly little gay man. Little gayboy you are.”

However, drag artist Lee Dale, who claims to be a close friend of the Morgans, has leapt to their defence, claiming John is a “gentle giant” who had once offered to take part in a Pride parade.

He told PinkNews: “John has always shown me nothing but kindness and respect, he is a kind man and people watching that video wouldn’t be aware of the build up and what has happened behind the scenes over the years.

“It is my opinion that he was simply trying to protect Sally and I imagine that anyone in his shoes would have done the same.

“The words John used were not meant with malice; he’s like a gentle giant and nothing like he is described in today’s papers.

“A homophobic person wouldn’t be able to carry off the body language John is showing in this photo.

“[Once] John asked me what date pride was on, before turning to Sally and saying he would mention this date to the office.

“[He said] if there were no engagements in the diary then they would like to attend the gay pride, and even considered Sally standing as Patron.

“Sally quickly reminded John that they were out of the country on holidays.”

Watch the original clip below: