Russian politician: Our clean air ‘purified’ actor Gérard Depardieu of homosexuality

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A Russian politician has claimed that actor and director Gérard Depardieu has been ‘purified’ of homosexuality since moving to Russia.

The French filmmaker, who was granted Russian citizenship in 2013 and has become a close friend of Vladimir Putin, referenced early stints as a male prostitute in his recent autobiography,

Vitaly Milonov, the homophobic politician who sponsored Russia’s ‘gay propaganda’ legislation, claimed that his country had ‘purified’ Depardieu.

He said: “It wasn’t easy for him in France. There, society is corrupted and doesn’t have any moral principles.

“I view Gérard’s book as sort of repentance, confession of old sins.

“Now that he breathed in the purifying air of Mordovia, all that filth left him.

“He sincerely repents what he was forced to do in his youth in France. He wants to live in a new way, without all that filth.”
Depardieu officially resides in the Russian city of Saransk.