The world’s second strongest man comes out as gay

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

The world’s second strongest man has come out as gay to an overwhelmingly positive response from fans and followers.

Rob Kearney, who at just 25 placed second in the World’s Strongest Man competition, publicly came out as gay, revealing that he has a boyfriend Joey Aleixo.

In coming out as gay, Kearney became the first out competitor in the Strongman competition at professional, international competition.

Speaking to the Huffington Post, he said he wanted to come out because he didn’t want to hide who he was before, and for the sake of his boyfriend.

He described Strongman competitions as like a family, and said he did not think there was a problem with homophobia, saying: “I hope people realize that being gay doesn’t change the athlete/person I am. I am still the second strongest 105kg Professional Strongman in America and I am still the same Rob Kearney they knew before this news.”