Rose McGowan: Gays are ‘more misogynistic’ than straight men

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Actress Rose McGowan has claimed that gay people “fought for the right to stand on top of a float wearing an orange speedo” taking MDMA.

The Charmed star made the claim to controversial author Bret Easton Ellis on his podcast last month.

She said: “Gay men are as misogynistic as straight men, if not more so. I have an indictment of the gay community right now, I’m actually really upset with them.”

She continued to rant about the gay community, explaining her decision to hold a defiant party in support of the Brunei-owned Beverly Hills Hotel this summer, despite a boycott over Brunei’s anti-gay laws.

She said: “You wanna talk about the fact that I have heard nobody in the gay community, no gay males, standing up for women on any level?

“There is Sharia law active in Saudi Arabia, there’s a woman who’s about to be stoned – I have not heard [AIDS activist] Cleve Jones discuss her, and nor will he.

“I think it’s what happens to you as a group when you are starting to get most of what you fought for? What do you do now?

“What I would hope they would do is extend a hand to women.

“Women, by-and-large, have very much helped the gay community get to where they are today.

“And I have seen not a single peep from these people, who supposedly represent lesbians as well… when the equal pay act was shut down by Republicans in the Senate, not a single man mentioned that.

“I see now people who have basically fought for the right to stand on top of a float wearing an orange speedo and take molly [MDMA].

“[Gay misogyny] is a huge problem.”