Watch: Fox host Megyn Kelly makes awkward slip introducing anti-gay Republican Mike Huckabee

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Fox host Megyn Kelly has apologised after she accidentally introduced anti-gay Republican Mike Huckabee as “Fuckabee”.

Mr Huckabee – the former Governor of Arkansas, who ran for President in 2008 – recently threatened to quit the Republican party over equal marriage.

While introducing the Republican earlier this week, Fox anchor Megyn Kelly – who is often a more moderate voice on the conservative news network when it comes to gays – accidentally referred to him as “Fuckabee”.

She said: “Joining me now, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who’s the host of Fuckabee… Huckabee!”

The Governor smiled at the gaffe, with neither referencing the mistake for the rest of the interview.

However, Kelly did eventually admit to it later on, after Twitter users began taking up “Fuckabee” as a nickname for the Republican.

She said: “Something else that happened on the program is also getting a lot of attention on Twitter.

“Some nice man named Sean [tweeted] ‘Megyn, you’re a delight to watch, and gave a stoic performance after your slip-up with Governor Huckabee’s name.’

“I thought it was stoic too. At heart I’m a 12-year-old boy.”

On Twitter the name has caught on, with many people pledging to take up calling the anti-gay politician “Fuckabee”.

Huckabee said in 2013 that “every fear” over same-sex marriage has come true, including “television commercials portraying same-sex couples.”

In 2012 Huckabee suggested a rejection of “natural law”, and “natural family of a father and mother”, were the reasons for the school massacre at Newtown, Connecticut.

He has previously stated that he opposes equal marriage partly because of the “ick factor”.