Is this what UKIPpers see when they read gay news?

PinkNews logo surrounded by illustrated images including a rainbow, unicorn, PN sign and pride flag.

A new way of reading the news, avoiding PC terms like “homosexual” and replacing them with more appropriate ones like “leftie, neo-commie”, is here.

The ‘UKIP Goggles’ browser extension, created by the Mirror allows a possible insignt into what UKIPpers see when they read the news.


Using the extension on PinkNews changes the headline: “Lord Fowler calls for decriminalisation of homosexuality around globe to fight AIDS”, to: “Lord Fowler calls for decriminalisation of that spiritual disease that causes storms and floods around globe to fight AIDS”

UKIP councillor David Silvester was suspended this year after he claimed that the floods to have hit the UK in December and January were caused by same-sex marriage and that homosexuality can be cured by Christian prayer.

The extension also has fun alternatives for the words “women”, and “immigrants” to more UKIP-friendly terms.

Click here to download the UKIP Goggles extension.