Simpsons co-creator explains why he spent £5,000 to save a gay bull

Gay Benjy the Bull

The co-creator of The Simpsons, Sam Simon, has opened up about his decision to spend £5,000 to save a bull facing slaughter for being gay.

Last month, a farmer in Ireland said he would send Benjy to the slaughterhouse for showing more interest in other bulls than with cows.

A campaign to save the bull was launched online – and Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon put forward the full £5,000 in order to save Benjy.

The fee will cover the cost of buying him, and moving him to a sanctuary where he will be allowed to move.

Mr Simon said at the time: “All animals have a dire destiny in the meat trade, but to kill this bull because he’s gay would’ve been a double tragedy.”

Speaking to Fusion, the 59-year-old TV magnate explained why he is driven to philanthropy.

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Mr Simon was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer in 2012, and given three years to live. With no children and two ex-wives, he opted to give away his fortune.

He said: “I’m not driven by long-term decisions that someone would make if they’re trying to have as much money as they can when they’re 90 years old.

“I have a limited time on Earth to do what I can do until I’m gone. You are a little more aware of it when you’re sick.”

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