Comedian Sandi Toksvig marries partner Debbie

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Comedian Sandi Toksvig and partner Debbie have converted their civil partnership to a marriage – in their third wedding ceremony.

The Danish-British broadcaster, 56, initially entered into a civil partnership with Debbie Toksvig in 2007.

When same-sex marriage became legal for new couples in March, the pair renewed their vows live on stage in front of a crowd – but were unable to legally marry until today.

As legislation governing the conversion of civil partnerships in England and Wales came into effect, the couple married this afternoon in another ceremony at a London registry office.

The radio host said: “It’s time. It’s a better quality – it’s about not being a second class status. It’s about being exactly the same as everyone else.

“I have campaigned for years and years and years and been through all sorts of things – death threats and all the unpleasantness – and all we’re saying is we love each other, and it’s the same as any two consenting adults.

“I’d marry her every day if I could.

“I do have a confession to make, which is that I do not love Debbie as much today as I will tomorrow.

“Tomorrow, I will love her even more. Every day, it just gets better and better.”