Jerry Springer: My show isn’t transphobic, people just behave badly

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Jerry Springer has denied claims that his talk show exploits vulnerable transgender people.

The Jerry Springer Show has come under repeated criticism for its “trannies” segments, and Mr Springer claimed a year ago that he would stop using the word “tranny” – but the show still uses it on a regular basis.

The host was asked about allegations that his show made light of trans issues, in an interview with HuffPost Live.

He said: “We have transgender people on the show all the time, a lot.

“In fact, there’s probably a lot more exposure on our show than anyplace else.

“If the complaint is the transgender people on our show don’t behave well… anyone on our show doesn’t behave well.

“We hear that from any community… you don’t get on our show unless you’re are doing something that is inappropriate.

“Our show is about people behaving inappropriately, so of course that’s going to be.

“My view has been consistently supportive of the gay community, of the transgender community.

“I don’t take a backseat to anyone in my support of the transgender or gay community.”

Watch the clip below: