Lesbians kicked out of Vienna café for kissing

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If being kicked out of a café in Vienna for kissing wasn’t enough, this lesbian couple were told by the owner that such behaviour belonged “in a brothel”.

The couple, Eva Prewein, 26 and Anastasia Lopez, 19, were last week made to leave the Café Prückel for kissing, after their waiter refused to serve them.

On complaining to the manager, the couple were told kissing belongs “in a brothel and not in a traditional coffee house”. He then asked them to leave.

Lopez said she was “stunned” by the situation, and that there were bystanders, but none stood up for the couple.

A kiss-in protest is now being planned for the 1950s design cafe, for Friday 16 January, and around 2,000 people have RSVP’d on Facebook to say they will attend.