Justin Bieber accidentally attends meeting for gay Republicans

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Justin Bieber has reportedly crashed a meeting for gay members of the Republican party.

The Los Angeles chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans – the right-wing party’s lesbian and gay group – was holding a social at the at LA State Social House restaurant on Monday.

However, Bieber – who is a regular at the restaurant – reportedly turned up and was given his usual table inside the private area that had been cordoned off for the group’s event.

Event chair Ben Coleman told KABC he initially didn’t recognise Bieber – who he likened to “a butcher version of Miley Cyrus” – but the star did not seem fazed to be sat in the middle of the mixer.

Mr Coleman posted on Facebook: “So, Justin Bieber crashed our Log Cabin Republican meeting last night.

“Like, literally he walked into our upstairs private lounge at State Social House and sat in the corner while Ronald Reagan’s former personal assistant Peggy Grande finished her talk to us. Talk about epic.

“I tried to get a pic of the Biebs in front of the Log Cabin banner with Peggy and I, but the bodyguards said no.

“And they had guns. So that didn’t happen. Otherwise it was a dream come true.”

In 2013, hackers broke into E! Online’s Twitter account – and bizarrely used it to circulate a hoax claiming that Justin Bieber is gay.