‘My Night with Reg’ posters banned from London Underground over nudity

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Posters for the revival of Kevin Elyot’s play ‘My Night with Reg’ have been banned from appearing at London Underground stations for featuring male nudity.

‘My Night With Reg’, possibly Kevin Elyot’s best known play, won an Olivier Award in 1995, and was revived at the Donmar Warehouse last July-September. It is to transfer to the Apollo Theatre this weekend.

A Transport for London press officer told the Standard they hadn’t seen the ad but: “if it has been rejected it means that it doesn’t meet the guidance that we have set.”


The poster was banned from appearing at London Underground stations.

On its premier in 1994, My Night With Reg defined a moment in the lives of gay men and became an instant classic.

The comedy is set in London’s gay community in the mid-1980s, against the back drop of the mounting AIDS crisis.

Elyot, who passed away last June, is well known for films ‘Clapham Junction’, ‘No Night is Too Long’, and ‘Christopher and His Kind.’