US: Transgender news reporter returns to airwaves

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A legendary Los Angeles news reporter has made history – by returning to work after transitioning to female.

LA-area reporter and helicopter pilot Zoey Tur – previously known on-air as ‘Chopper Bob’ – famously followed OJ Simpson’s 1994 police chase from the skies, and also covered the 1992 LA riots.

Ms Tur – who came out as trans in 2013 – has this month returned to work, joining national CBS show Inside Edition.

She told the news show: “Trying to erase 53 years of being a macho aggressive guy to trying to be a woman and this is greatest challenge of my life.”

“Seventy percent of time I’m perceived as female, thirty percent of the time it is like [shows an awkward stare] and I look at them and say, ‘Pick one’.
“My daughter said, ‘Transitioning. You know, it is bad enough being 30, but you wanna be a 54-year-old woman?’

“She saw her father a certain way. This hero pilot. Bob Tur was legendary and she liked that.

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“She has trouble with that and she should. She has to meet and understand who I am.”

PBS reporter Eden Lane has previously opened up about being one of the only transgender news reporters in the US.

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