UKIP candidate: I wouldn’t be surprised if UKIP wants to repeal same-sex marriage

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A UKIP candidate in Cambridgeshire has admitted she “wouldn’t be surprised” if her party has considered plans to repeal same-sex marriage.

Deborah Rennie, who is the UK Independence Party’s prospective parliamentary candidate in South East Cambridgeshire, made the comments in a local hustings.

According to the Wisbech Standard, when asked about same-sex marriage, Ms Rennie said: “[UKIP] believes in democracy and believes in people having a choice.

“Our concern is that churches, whilst having a choice to engage with services of this nature if they turned round and said ‘I’m sorry but not here’ they would find themselves subject to court action under the banner of human rights.

When asked if she supports the repeal of same-sex marriage, she said: “The honest answer is I don’t know. I would not be surprised if UKIP considered it but I want to be honest with you and say I am not entirely sure.

“It did give us great cause for concern when the act was passed.”

However, she said that she has “no issues” with civil partnerships, but “grave concerns about freedoms” with same-sex marriage.

The Conservative candidate in the seat, Lucy Frazer, said: “I wouldn’t have probably put on the statute book in the first place but having introduced it I would not repeal it.”