You can now make a chocolate cast of your anus for Valentine’s Day

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If you’re looking for a way to give the most intimate part of yourself for Valentine’s day – this might be the product for you.

Made with pure Belgian chocolate, and no preservatives, the ‘Edible Anus’ allows lovers to mould and give away their private bits.


Created by London-based artist Magnus Irvin, the rather unique product came about when he tried to make a cast of his own bumhole, but it didn’t work out.

The website for ‘Edible Anus’ reads: “Initially Mr Irvin tried to cast his own anus with messy and disastrous results. Whilst explaining his failure to a chance acquaintance at a bus stop he was gratified to find that his fellow bus passenger was willing to allow him to cast her anus. The job was done in just over half an hour later that afternoon and all subsequent anuses have been based on this casting. It is a matter of interest that the person who kindly donated her service has no idea that her anus has now gone global.”


For a more permanent token of your *ahem* love, Irvin also sells bronze, or cut-glass versions of the product.

There is a limited edition silver version too.