ASDA pulls only lesbian magazine from shelves

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Supermarket ASDA has pulled lesbian magazine Diva from its shelves.

As part of a re-structure, the retailer has announced its superstores will no longer stock Diva magazine – which was the only magazine it stocked targeted at lesbians and bi women.

An ASDA spokesperson told PinkNews: “We’re always making decisions based on what customers want to buy and as a result we have decided to de-list Diva magazine.

“We continue to sell other popular publications in this category including Attitude and Gay Times.”

A statement from Diva said: “We are very sorry to inform you that as of 21st February 2015, DIVA will no longer be stocked in ASDA superstores due to a reorganisation of store shelving and magazine display units.

“The change will see most of the women’s lifestyle magazine sector affected, with ASDA confirming a substantial reduction in many of its categories for women’s magazines in general.

“Despite us lodging an appeal that delisting the UK’s largest selling lesbian and bisexual publication limits consumer choice and alienates the LGBTQ community, DIVA will be delisted from 163 ASDA superstores nationwide.

“However, if you normally buy DIVA from ASDA superstores, you still have the opportunity to continue enjoying the magazine from other supermarkets.

“Tesco and Sainbury’s stock DIVA throughout the UK and will be selling the next issue – out on 26th February – at the specially reduced price of £3 in selected stores.”