PinkNews launches new domain

PinkNews logo surrounded by illustrated images including a rainbow, unicorn, PN sign and pride flag.

PinkNews has become one of the first organisations on the internet to launch a .lgbt domain,

The new top-level domain – which is an alternative to conventional domains such as – is currently being rolled out.

PinkNews Partnerships and Content Development Coordinator Anastasia Kyriacou said: “With a strong reader base in the UK, US and globally, we believe it is natural step to streamline our international news onto the .LGBT web address.

“PinkNews was founded to report on LGBT issues and nothing reflects that clearer than having a web address that ends with the letters ‘LGBT’.

“We look forward connecting with the global LGBT community on this distinctive, meaningful, and easy-to-remember web address.”

It sits alongside the existing domains, and PinkNews.scotwhich launched shortly before the Scottish referendum, as a direct platform to access Scottish content.

Global domain registry operator Afilias said: “The large and vibrant LGBT community now has an Internet address that embraces the full breadth and diversity of LGBT people around the world in a protected, inclusive manner.”

Roland LaPlante, Chief Marketing Officer of Afilias said: “The new .LGBT domain provides email and site addresses that instantly convey ‘LGBT-friendly’.

“Innovative companies and organizations know that .LGBT will help them stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace for goods, services and ideas for this distinctive community.”