Colin Farrell ‘kicked the sh*t out of’ homophobes who called his brother names

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Not only is Colin Farrell a strong advocate of same-sex marriage, his brother has recalled how he would defend him when homophobes called him names.

The Hollywood star’s brother Eamon, who is married to Irish artist Steven Mannion, told the Irish Independent that when they were younger, Colin “protected” him against people called him names because of his sexuality.

He said: “Now he is eight years younger than me, but he acted the part of the big brother… Because I’m not aggressive at all, or violent at all – I hate fighting. But he would do that for me. Colin would protect me. If someone called me names on our road he would go out and kick the shit out of them.

“I remember one young fella out on the road shouting, ‘You faggot Farrell.’ Colin went out and kicked the shite out of him. Honestly! The little size of him! He was a little terrier, but I…wasn’t,” he continued.

The Republic of Ireland, which introduced civil partnerships in 2011, is set to vote this May on extending civil marriage to same-sex couples.

Speaking on RTE in an interview with Claire Byrne, Colin spoke of Eamon, and reiterated his unwavering support for same-sex marriage.

“I carry Ireland with me everywhere I go, and I love my country deeply,” he said. “This is my coming out of the closet as it were publicly and saying that I support this vote with every fibre of my being.”