Left-wing columnist Owen Jones to be Paloma Faith’s support act

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Out columnist Owen Jones will serve as the support act for pop singer Paloma Faith at a number of upcoming gigs.

The ‘Only Love Can Hurt Like This singer, who recently scooped a Brit award for Best Female Artist, has invited political commentator Owen Jones to serve as the support artist for shows in Brighton and London.

The Guardian columnist will speak for left-wing policies and against UKIP at the event.

Owen Jones told Time Out: “She got in touch, basically. We went for coffee, and she was really nice. She’s politically engaged, politically interested.

“I guess she has fears about the rise of UKIP, and she’s worried some of her fans are turning to UKIP and she’s kind of interested in the old tradition, that used to be more commonplace in the ’70s and ’80s, of music and politics linking up.

“I’m trying to get across ideas, beliefs and causes that are otherwise ignored, and reach as many people as possible through things like music, comedy and drama.”

He added: “I want the audience to leave with more hope than they entered. I want it to be upbeat.

“Nothing worse than if people were like ‘Oh blimey, some preachy pre-pubescent Macaulay Culkin lookalike is ranting at me about politics – this isn’t what I signed up for’.

“I’m not going to patronise people.”

Paloma Faith recently recorded a special video on Valentine’s Day to help a fan propose to his boyfriend.

She recorded an Out4Marriage video in 2012.