Hate groups call for Dan Savage programme to be cancelled

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Hate group Family Research Council call on ABC to cancel show about “X-rated anti-Christian bigot”.

ABC, owned by Disney, are currently making a pilot episode of a sitcom based on the life of LGBT activist and columnist Dan Savage. The Family Research Council have apparently joined up with the Media Research Centre – a group determined to root out liberal bias in the media – to educate the American people about the dangers of Dan Savage and have his sitcom cancelled.

President of the FRC, Tony Perkins, said: “Does ABC really want to produce a pilot show based on a vile bully like Dan Savage?  Do Dan Savage’s over-the top-obscenity, intimidation of teenagers and even violent rhetoric reflect the values of Disney?  Partnering with Dan Savage and endorsing his x-rated message will be abandoning the wholesome values that have attracted millions of families to Walt Disney.”

In a letter to ABC, the Media Research Centre listed what it considers to be Mr Savage’s crimes, including telling Christian students to “ignore the bulls**t in the Bible”, encouraging the use of Rick Santorum’s surname as a vulgar term, and “encouraging marital infidelity”.

MRC President said: “Disney ABC’s decision to effectively advance Dan Savage’s calls for violence against conservatives and his extremist attacks against people of faith, particularly evangelicals and Catholics, is appalling and outrageous. If hate speech were a crime, this man would be charged with a felony. Disney ABC giving Dan Savage a platform for his anti-religious bigotry is mind-boggling and their silence is deafening.

“By creating a pilot based on the life of this hatemonger and bringing him on as a producer, Disney ABC is sending a signal that they endorse Dan Savage’s wish that a man be murdered. He has stated, ‘Carl Romanelli should be dragged behind a pickup truck until there’s nothing left but the rope.’ ABC knows this. We told them explicitly.

“If the production of ‘Family of the Year’ is allowed to continue, not just Christians but all people of goodwill can only surmise that the company Walt Disney created is endorsing violence.”

Last month, Savage challenged an anti-gay Republican to “suck my d*ck”.