Pro-gay church pastor hands out free cupcakes at gay bars

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A church pastor in New York spent his Easter weekend handing out free cupcakes at gay bars – after Indiana passed an anti-gay ‘religious freedom’ law.

Reverend Drew Ludwig of Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church in Buffalo, New York, distributed over 500 cupcakes outside a number of gay bars on Saturday night.

His campaign was part of a bid to challenge the way ‘religious freedom’ has been cited in Indiana to pass a controversial law that gives businesses the right to refuse to serve gay people on the grounds of religion.

According to TWC News, the pastor said: “I found that our faith was misrepresented. Jesus was about loving people, serving people, not denying service. No matter what, we can love you and serve you.”

He told Buffalo News: “[My thought was] how can I get the message out there? How can we counter this assumption?”

Once the pastor had made the plan, he urged  his congregation to contribute home-baked cupcakes to distribute.

He said his first thought was to bake the cakes himself, but added: “I’m a horrible baker, and it’s the weekend, and this is bigger than me.”

The pastor also said that he was not trying to convert anyone, adding: “This isn’t about having an argument, or even inviting people to church.

“We’re just going to pass out cake… Christianity is about providing service, not denying it.”