Your taste in grilled-cheese sandwiches might say more than you thought about your sex life…

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A (really scientific) study has found that those of us who like a certain type of cheese sandwich might actually be having more fun in the bedroom.

The study of 4,600 people, run by dating app Skout, found that those who like grilled-cheese sandwiches had sex more than those who don’t like them.

While 32% of respondents who like the tasty treat had sex more than six times a month, only 27% of those who didn’t said the same.

Also, 73% of those who liked the sandwiches said they had sex at least once a month, with just 63% of those who didn’t like a grilled cheese.

The correlation between liking cheese sandwiches and being more adventurous also extends beyond the bedroom.

84% of those who liked the snack said they loved to travel and were more adventurous, while only 78% of non-cheese-sandwich-lovers said the same.

Lovers of the snack were also more charitable at 81% compared to 66%.

As well as being groundbreaking and highly scientific, Skout’s study is also for a good cause. The dating app will dontate to food banks in San Francisco and Marin County to help feed hungry children whenever a user gives a “grilled-cheese gift” to another on the site.

Sandwich, anyone?