Your favourite Spice Girl reveals more about you than you think

Who (ooooooooo) do you think you are?

Fans of the Spice Girls have had their identities confirmed in a recent survey.

Now all grown up, 31,000 fans of the band have been asked to swing it, shake it, move it and make it over to a YouGov poll to choose their favourite member.

And due to YouGov’s Profiles tool, which contains bundles of information about the entrants, results surfaced have revealed more than we could have ever hoped to know about fans of the Spice Girls, from their political beliefs to their social statuses.

Spice Girls


We’ll save the convo about why You Gov – who usually do proper, adult surveys about serious things – have been on the deep dive about the habits of Spice Girls fans.

But judging by the social media pick up, the results of the poll have been revealed like long-lost family secrets you’d always known but could never quite say.

“Graphs AND gay pop music. Hold me, I’m going in…” revealed one excited social media user.

Oh – and spoiler alert: Posh Spice’s fans are actually be posh.

Here’s what your favourite Spice Girl says about you, based on the results of 31,000 entrants who chose their favourite.

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Are you a feminist? You’re probably into Scary 

Girl Power! 31 percent of voters who chose Scary as their favourite Spice Girl described themselves as feminists.

Mel B has always symbolised butt-kicking feminism, from her loud and proud sense of personal style, to the way she proudly manages her career and home life, where she is the single mother to three adorable children.

Is friendship better than romance? Posh is your girl

A whopping 75 percent of entrants who chose Posh Spice as their favourite revealed that friendship matters hugely.

Posh has always epitomised family life and steadfast business acumen, so we’re a little confused by this one!

Also, in news that won’t send shock waves anywhere, 61 percent of people who chose Posh as their favourite are…posh. Well, they at least identify as middle class.

Men tend to sidle up to Geri


(Photo by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images)

60 percent of people who claimed Geri is their favourite Spice Girl were men, the You Gov poll has uncovered.

Geri had a tomboyish nature when she was younger, and famously pinched Princes Charles’ bum so had the lad banter in droves.

But the data hasn’t made it clear what sexuality this lot are, presumably that wasn’t measured.

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Everyone’s favourite? That’s Emma, obvs…

Emma Bunton looks as butter-wouldn’t-melt as she did in the Nineties when her inoffensive charm and charisma won her legions of fans.

37 percent of Spice Girls fans who have a favourite confessed their favourite is Baby.

Sadly though, only 15 percent of Baby Spice fans would describe themselves as feminists – under half of the 31 percent of Scary Spice’s fans.

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Not so Baby anymore? Then you’ll probably prefer Mel C

It makes sense that sensible, mature Mel C is popular with a slightly older crowd.

61 percent of people who chose Sporty as their favourite were aged 45 or older.

Which would have made those fans in their Twenties when the Spice Girls were at their peak.

Click here for the full results of the You Gov survey