Will this be the UK’s first same-sex royal wedding?

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Channel 4 has predicted that the UK will see a royal same-sex couple tie the knot before the year 2120.
Will this be the UK’s first same-sex royal wedding?

The broadcaster made the prophecy in a futuristic ad for their new on-demand service, All4.

Among a series of futuristic prediction for 100 years in the future, the broadcaster predicted alien chat show ‘Alien Carr’s Chatty Man’, a robotic Grand National, and a royal gay couple celebrating their wedding by kissing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Of course, the prophecy is not entirely serious – as the event is narrated by the floating head Jon Snow, kept in the air by a number of flapping ties.

The broadcaster recently brought into effect a tough new diversity quota system, which calls for six percent of employees to be LGBT by the year 2020 – more than double the 2.4% of Channel 4 staff that currently identify as LGBT.

It is unclear where the figure of 6% for LGBT came from, with the broadcaster saying it made its “own assessment” of the prevalence of LGBT people in society to get to the number.

The controller of Channel 4, Jay Hunt, claimed earlier this year that no US broadcaster could have made gay drama Cucumber.

She quipped: “We wouldn’t be Channel 4 if we weren’t planning to lightly outrage the Daily Mail.”

Watch the clip below: