Indiana hires PR firm to re-build its image

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In the wake of the ”Religious Freedom” bill, Indiana wants to remind the world it is a welcoming place.

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) have hired public relations firm Porter Novelli in response to the scandal surrounding the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

The bill was proposed to allow  including businesses, churches and organisations to refuse to serve anyone based on their religious beliefs. It was intended to “protect” businesses from having to provide services for same-sex weddings after the effective legalisation of same-sex marriage last year.

Governor Mike Pence then updated it to protect LGBT people. 

Victor Smith, secretary of commerce, said in a statement: “Now more than ever, we want to remind the world that Hoosiers welcome everyone and that Indiana is a great place for individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses to reach their full potential. That’s why we are moving forward with this initiative together.

“We are engaging with our partners in state tourism and the internationally-respected firm Porter Novelli to enhance our state’s image and remind the country that Indiana remains a great place to live, work and visit.”