James May tells Top Gear fans sending death threats to Sue Perkins to ‘kill themselves’

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The Top Gear presenter has hit back at twitter users who threatened Sue Perkins.

After comedian and Great British Bake Off presenter Ms Perkins was touted as Jeremy Clarkson’s replacement on Top Gear,  she was subjected to death threats sent via Twitter. She said one user had suggested they would like to see her burn to death. She then tweeted that she was going to take time off twitter.

James May – who calls himself a “former TV presenter” on his twitter profile – tweeted to those sending threats to Ms Perkins: “Could you please do the world a much bigger favour by killing yourself”.

He then clarified that he didn’t want people to kill themselves, but nor did he want them as fans.

Jeremy Clarkson is already set for his BBC return less than a month after being sacked for punching a producer in an “unprovoked” attack, as he will host an episode of Have I Got News for You. Top Gear will continue, although it is unclear whether James May and Richard Hammond will remain.

Ms Perkins’ partner Anna Richardson delighted fans by confirming their relationship in January.