Conservative candidate hits out at anti-gay ‘bigots’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Totnes candidate Sarah Wollaston is the latest to be targeted by Coalition for Marriage’s leaflets.

She tweeted that voters in her constituency had been receiving the leaflets warning that she had voted for same-sex marriage when she was an MP. She was also Chair of the Health Select Committee.

The leaflets, which are the same as the ones delivered in Caroline Lucas’s Brighton constituency, read: “Your MP Sarah Wollaston voted for same-sex marriage. Use your vote for true marriage at the General Election on 7 May.”

She tweeted: “‘Coalition for marriage’ are stuffing these through letter boxes in my area. Thanks bigots, I’m proud of that vote!”

The majority of MPs who voted against same-sex marriage were from the Conservative Party.

Sarah Wollaston has previously spoken out about UKIP encouraging homophobia and racism in the UK.