US study reveals shocking statistics about LGBT people of colour

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A study into the lives of LGBT people of colour in America has revealed high rates of unemployment, poverty and discrimination.

A third of LGBT Americans identify as being a person of colour, and many live in states which do not recognise their families – leading to increased taxes and healthcare costs. They are also more likely to be parents than white LGBT people.

55% of Native American LGBT people are living in poverty, along with 34% of black trans people.

The percentage of black LGBT people who are unemployed is nearly twice that of the general population. Half as many have a university education than the general population.

Ineke Mushovic, executive director of the Movement Advancement Project, which co-authored the study, said: “Disproportionate numbers of LGBT people of colour live in places that lack any explicit state-level protections for LGBT people.

“This means that LGBT people of colour face a high risk of economic harm from anti-LGBT laws.

Based on the connection between poverty and an individual’s race or ethnicity, many LGBT people of colour are less able to absorb the financial penalties created by anti-LGBT laws when compared to white LGBT people.”

The study can be read here.

A study was published in February showing the rates of poverty among trans people in America.