Rush Limbaugh tells people to blame Muslims when discriminating against gays

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Right-wing pundit Rush Limbaugh has advised bakers who don’t want to serve same-sex couples to lie and blame Islam.

The conservative radio host made the claim after outrage that number of ‘Christian’ businesspeople have faced action for refusing to provide their services to gay people.

He advised in a blog: “Let’s say that you own the ABC wedding cake bakery. The only thing you do is you bake wedding cakes. And as such, militant gay activists target your bakery.

“They’re gonna take you out, they’re gonna take you down, they’re gonna walk in there, they’re gonna tell you they’re gonna get married, and of all the bakeries in the world, yours has been recommended to them because that’s all you do, therefore you must be better than anybody else at baking wedding cakes.

“Instead of telling the gay couple that you refuse to bake the cake for their wedding because you disapprove of homosexuality, you should now say you are not going to bake a cake for the gay wedding because you fear Muslim backlash.

“Or, due to your respect of Islam, you cannot bake a cake for a gay wedding. See how that flies.

“Since the left is agreeing, a bunch of people on the left have gone on TV, ‘I hate to say this, you know, Limbaugh’s got a point. We do flaunt gay marriage at ’em, wow. Wow. That’s a good point. I mean, we readily agree not to do the thing with the prophet and the pictures and the cartoons, but gay marriage, yeah, we’re kind of in their face on that’.

“Well, just make a note. Any of you small business owners who think you’re gonna get a visit from a gay couple asking you for your product or service at a gay wedding just say, ‘Nah, nah, nah, we refuse because of our respect of Islam. We can’t’.

“Don’t say anything about your religion. Don’t say anything about it’s your religion that prevents you from doing it. Say it’s Islam.

“You respect Islam or you’re afraid of Muslim backlash. See how that flies. It’s just an idea. Hope it works.”

The radio host refused to apologise in 2013 after suggesting the acceptance of equal marriage could also pave the way for the “normalisation” of paedophilia.