Dappy from N-Dubz backs Norman Lamb for Lib Dem leader

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

The grime musician Dappy has tweeted his support for Norman Lamb to be Liberal Democrat leader.

Former health minister Mr Lamb announced his intention to run for leader of the Liberal Democrats on Tuesday, promising to be an “effective advocate for what modern liberalism is all about”.

He has received the surprise backing of notable Camden-born musician Dappy – famous for performing as part of N-Dubz and wearing unusual hats.

Dappy tweeted that his support for Mr Lamb was to “help put power back in the hands of individuals”.

Mr Lamb has strongly voted in favour of LGBT equality, unlike fellow candidate Tim Farron, whose voting record is more mixed.



In January last year, Dappy was warned by producers of Big Brother for using a homophobic slur.