Architect of Russia’s anti-gay law now wants to ban topless men

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The politician behind Russia’s ‘gay propaganda’ law is now trying to put a ban on topless men in public.

Vitaly Milonov, a Member of the Legislative Assembly of St Petersburg for Vladimir Putin’s United Russia Party, was the main sponsor of the country’s 2013 law criminalising “propaganda” advertising “non-traditional sexual relationships”.

The anti-gay lawmaker, who is one of the most extreme homophobes in Russian politics, has this week filed another repressive bill – that would ban “nudity or unethical attire” in public.

According to RT, the bill specifies that “either absence of clothes or nudity of either upper or lower parts of the body” for men and women alike would be banned.

The definition of “unethical clothing” includes underwear and swimsuits – and violation can be punished with a fine of up to 3,000 rubles ($50).

The draft bill would only be applicable in St Petersburg if passed – but Milonov says he hopes to expand it to the entirety of Russia.

Milonov has organised “raids” on LGBT events in the past.

After a lesbian couple posed behind him while kissing, he said he might close down a gay club for a “joke”.

Architect of Russia’s anti-gay law now wants to ban topless men

He said: I didn’t understand what they are doing but they have a nice sense of humour. I also have a good sense of humour. I will perhaps continue this joke by closing their gay club in St. Petersburg, or ban them from having meetings in public places, that’s also a funny step.”

Russian police later raided the club owned by the couple.