Fox News host: Kids shouldn’t be taught about transsexuals and stuff that’s gross

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Host Steve Doocy says children should not be taught about sexuality and gender issues.

Mr Doocy made the comments on a Fox News debate about “sexuality training”. They were discussing sex and relationships education based on a Dutch model, which teaches diversity and respect for difference from a early age.

On the show, parenting blogger Cherie Corso said: “The earlier we start teaching kids about sexuality and being responsible for your body, there is lower teen birth rates, there is lower amounts of sexual abuse because they can identify it sooner.

“I just had to explain to my daughter what transsexual was based on all this information that was out there.

“She’s 11 years old and the children are saying when they’re younger, ‘Yeah, I like this one. Maybe I’m gay, maybe I’m not.’ Children say crazy things and I think we need a group of people to help them and guide them through.”

Mr Doocy replied: “At age 11, a lot of kids have questions because they have smartphones and stuff like that. But you would think at age 4, that most parents would not allow kids to be on the Internet to fish around for stuff that’s gross.”

Last year, Mr Doocy attempted to get people on the street to mock the idea of gender-neutral toilets and appeared confused when all the people he spoke to seemed perfectly comfortable with the concept.