Voldemort is more popular than most anti-gay Republican candidates

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Anti-gay Republicans Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum are trailing Lord Voldemort in the opinion polls.

The net approval rating was revealed by comparing the Washington Post‘s official approval polling concerning candidates to a Google Consumer Survey of 1000 people conducted this month for fictional characters.

Voters were asked: “Thinking about possible presidential candidates, do you have a favorable or unfavorable impression of [candidate]?”

Mike Huckabee, who has recently claimed child molestation is “not unforgivable”, and joked that he wants to be transgender to spy on girls in the shower, polled marginally less favourably than below Harry Potter’s enemy, who was responsible for thousands of deaths across the two Wizarding Wars.

Lord Voldemort beat Rick Santorum by a wide margin. Mr Santorum is the most notoriously anti-gay of the Republican field, claiming same-sex marriage would “destroy the institutions of America’s foundation… and destroy the American family”, and pledging to fight to invalidate the marriages of loving gay couples.

Voldemort is more popular than most anti-gay Republican candidates

In another display of his unpopularity, Mr Sanotrum only managed to attract one voter to a recent anti-gay campaign speech – while Lord Voldemort attracted hundreds of Death Eaters to the Battle of Hogwarts.

Ted Cruz, who has filed bills to block gay weddings, and Jeb Bush, who recently hired an anti-gay activist to his campaign, are both also less popular than the fictional wizard.

Rand Paul, who says he “doesn’t believe” in gay rights,  is one of the only Republicans to be more popular than Voldemort – but he remains less popular than Darth Vader, the Terminator and the shark from Jaws.

The Washington Post noted, in case there was any confusion: “I worded them as similarly as possible to the Post survey for maximum comparability, although to be clear: We are comparing fictional people/robots/animals/wizards with real ones here, so let’s try not to take any of this too seriously.”